Nine Chronicles Gold Overview


Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is the main in-game currency and governance token used in the Nine Chronicles network. The supply is limited by design, and players can spend NCG to craft powerful items, trade with other users, challenge each other, and grow. It also powers the world's governance and ecosystem programs.
Key Metrics
Nine Chronicle Gold
1,000,000,000 NCG

What is Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles is an open source, decentralized RPG set in a fantasy world — powered by its players, and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency.
Why it is 100% decentralized? Is it important? We want to create a whole new fantasy world that doesn't depend on the game company — an online world that can exist as long as there are players, and a world that is fully owned by the community. That's why we made Nine Chronicles 100% fully decentralized. Every action will be saved on-chain so that you can verify the whole world's status by yourself. To achieve this mission, we've built Libplanet, a new distributed ledger technology library for implementing P2P MMO games. Nine Chronicles is the first game based on Libplanet.

Nine Chronicles Blockchain

Nine Chronicles became the world’s first fully decentralized online RPG when we launched the mainnet in October 2020. Nine Chronicles Blockchain is an independent Layer 1 network only for Nine Chronicles.
Key Metrics:
400k Registered User, 30k Daily Active Users
110k Monthly Active Users
300k Daily Transactions including
2,500,000+ Battles processed on-chain
1,000,000+ NFTs crafted by players
80,000+ NFTs traded on decentralized marketplace

Economics and NCG Usage

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is the base token used in the Nine Chronicles network. Players can spend NCG to craft powerful items, trade with other users, challenge each other, and accelerate growth, while also participating in governance and staking.
As a free-to-play game, NCG isn't necessary in the beginning stages of exploration, but the game is designed so that NCG's needs are gradually increased as players grow more powerful. Eventually, players can stake NCG to earn potions and unique items which can be used by them or circulated to other users for profit.

Spending NCG

Accelerating Growth: Each action created by a user is capped by an energy gauge which refills every 8 hours. To refill energy faster, players may purchase energy potions from the public market. Crafting item also takes a set amount time, which can be accelerated by purchasing hourglasses from the market.
Crafting Items: Crafting equipment above a certain level requires a certain amount of NCG, and the more competitive the equipment, the higher the requirement.
Trading Items: NCG is used to sell or purchase items from the public market. Any player can list items on the market, and get paid when another player makes a purchase. There is a set % fee for trading items on the market, and the fee is currently locked. There is a plan to circulate the fee back to NCG holders.
Challenging Players: Players pay entrance fee in NCG to enter a battle arena to challenge other players. The pool created from the entrance fee is split among the winners each week.

Staking NCG

Earning Tradeable In-Game Reward: Staking the main token for periodic in-game reward is a key feature of Nine Chronicles. Instead of purchasing items off the market, players can stake their token and receive energy potions, hourglasses, and other exclusive consumables periodically. This effectively reduces the surplus supply of NCG and gives the players a share of the pie by allowing them to create in-game items that can be sold.


For the earliest supporters (April 2020)
1/24 distributed at NCG TGE, rest evenly distributed daily over 23 months
First crowdfunding (July/Sept 2020)
Mining/staking reward
Distributed based on halving release schedule* (10 ncg per block with 10 second target, halves every 4 years, will be distributed at similar rate after PoS migration)
Content and ecosystem fund for developers and creators. Mostly undeployed, and major deployment will start after Nine Chronicles governance setup.
Unlocked at the same rate as Mining/Staking reward
Planetarium Labs & Nine Corporation team
Evenly distributed daily over 72 months.
Post mainnet launch partnership (Aug 2021)
1/24 distributed at WNCG TGE, rest evenly distributed monthly over 23 months
Ongoing Sale
Launchpad sale for WNCG introduction (Aug 2021)
Ongoing Sale
Method for players from multiple platforms and new partners to onboard the network. Currently unsold and sales will be communicated.
evenly distributed daily over 24months
Ongoing Sale
Gaming, Publishing, Crypto Exchange Partnership
1/24 distributed at the transaction date, rest evenly distributed monthly over 23 months
Airdrop, marketing partnership, initial play-to-earn pool
Unlocked after 1 month and evenly distributed monthly over 5 months.
Spare reserve for special purposes
Unlocked after 1 month. Will not be circulated by default, but prior notice will be made to the community in the required circumstances.
For the reference, tokens of NCG in circulation have the potential to be bridged to WNCG at any given time. Consequently, the overall token quantity specified in the whitepaper comprises the collective sum of both WNCG and NCG tokens. The data shown on Etherscan for the maximum supply of WNCG corresponds to the cumulative quantity of tokens that are presently bridged. Hence, the maximum supply of WNCG displayed on Etherscan is a flexible segment that could expand at any time, possibly equating to the total supply as delineated in the whitepaper. Also, to ensure alignment with the "Total Supply" as listed on the CMC, you simply need to update the "Current Block #" field to the latest block number and then add the cumulative total of the "Current Distributed NCG."
Please note that the CMC may not always reflect real-time information from the API due to caching issues. For the most accurate and up-to-date distribution data, we recommend referring to the Supply API page at

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